"That’s quite a cocktail of gifts within a media specialist!"

"Cambria has the unique ability to provide skilled execution while still having an eye on the larger vision of a project. That’s quite a cocktail of gifts within a media specialist! I invited her to come alongside my team as we launched my second book — and Cambria’s heart, her passion, her aptitude, and her vision for potential opportunities were exactly what we needed (and more). She midwifed my book-baby with skill and great care, such that I’ve found myself looking for other ways to include her on future projects, simply to have her in the mix. I highly recommend this (now) friend.” - Sara Hagerty, author of Every Bitter Thing is Sweet and Unseen: The Gift of Being Hidden in a World that Loves to be Noticed

"One of the sharpest media specialists."

"Cambria Jacobson is one of the sharpest media specialists I have worked with over the course of the past 4 years. The areas she is responsible for at are content creation for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. She is also responsible for scheduling on all media platforms, including the back-end of our WordPress site.

Professional: Cambria consistently presents herself and the company in a positive, thoroughly professional manner.

A quick study: Cambria quickly grasps new concepts, information, procedures, and computer programs. Whenever a new challenge is presented, she takes it upon herself to get “up to speed” as soon as possible. In the case of a new computer program, often coming to work the following day with the requisite understanding and knowledge.

Self-starter: Cambria moves forward without the need for outside motivation or continued direction. Once the priorities and objectives are established, she is a relentless “go-getter”.

High Energy – High Capacity: Cambria is definitely a “high-energy” person, thriving in an environment where multi-tasking is required. She is also, “high-capacity” meaning that her energy, coupled with her native intelligence engenders the belief that there is little she cannot understand or handle.

Detail Oriented: Cambria will keep any universe she is responsible for ordered and cohesive. She his a highly organized person in her personal and professional life.

Total Integrity: Cambria is a person of the highest ethical standards and who is thoroughly trustworthy with personal/confidential company information. She is also the soul of discretion when interacting with others, respecting and protecting the proprietary information of her clients. She is completely loyal. 

I would recommend Cambria Jacobson so absolutely anyone fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with her and her company." - Matt Jacobson Author and Writer at

"Highly Recommend Her"

"Cambria is not only my daughter, she happens to be my right-hand as well. I love how I can hand things over to her and she "gets it" right away. Even better than that, she gets it and runs with it. Cambria has the unusual gifting combination of creative and attention to detail - in my experience, that's a rare find. She's also extremely conscientious which is a definite bonus when you want to be free to focus on your own stuff. I love that I can trust her with my"world" and turn my attention to the other projects that have been on my need-to or want-to lists. Oh, and one more added plus? Cambria doesn't require a lot of "managing." Just give her the task and she's good to go. I highly recommend her as a responsible, creative, and attentive assistant!" - Lisa Jacobson Owner and Writer at