Myers Briggs 

“The Protagonist” 


I have been working as a digital marketing assistant since 2016 and am equipped with a broad range of skills and extensive experience, including past work with a digital marketing agency. Would you like to hear more directly from me?   


My monthly fee is determined by the amount of hours required by your company. If you have a specific request, I'm happy to discuss a variable to this list with you privately. 

5-10 hours - $500

10-15 hours - $750

15-20 hours - $1,000

20-35 hours - $1,500 

35-45 hours - $2,000 

45-60 hours - $3,000 

What do you want for your business?

It takes more than knowing how to go through the paces to be of value. Your business is individual, important and has incredible potential. What is it that you need to see happen for your business this year? I can help you make that a reality.